Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Imagination run wild

(recent adventures as a fireman - note doll in sling under fire coat)

Right now playing with D basically means doing whatever he wants in his current make believe world. Heaven forbid you walk through a wall in his imaginary train car that you happen to be standing in. And if you don't want to wear a trash can as a birthday hat be prepared to hear about it. What fun a spirited 3-year old is! Oh, and there are evidently boobs on the ceiling of his bedroom. We had to get up from the dinner table the other day to go look at the boob on the ceiling. Then it fell down and he caught it and carried it off to give to Mr. McFeely (from Mr. Rogers - Speedy Delivery!) who was evidently in our hallway. Mr. McFeely was a large part of our evening and D cried when Mr. McFeely couldn't tuck him in to bed that night. There were boobs on the ceiling the next night too. He told grandma that they had milk in them, and he gets so very excited when one appears on his ceiling. It's all we can do to take him seriously and not break down laughing.

Yesterday my husband was quite exasperated when I got home. He said that D had not been D all day - he was always someone else. That made for hard going for daddy. I came home to quite a set-up in the living room. D was talking faster than his brain and mouth could work together, but the general idea was there he has a motorcycle, oh wait, it's a race car, no, a motorcycle again, well, maybe it doesn't matter if I understand what it is at this moment because it will change as necessary (oh, and by the way, the item of interest was an upside down child sized chair in a former life). The vehicle of the moment was pulling a trailer (or so I was told) which contained a variety of objects that at one time had been ordinary household objects but now had larger purposes. This morning while I was still trying to get out of bed I was told very energetically something about a birthday cake, birthday hats, presents, etc in the living room. The trailer behind the race car/motorcycle was pulling birthday hats (trash cans - they are new and clean by the way) cake and presents (wooden puzzle covered with train cars). It's amazing that I was only 20 minutes late to work this morning!

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