Friday, February 13, 2009

Good evenings after work

When I get home from work our son (D or snap), pretends that he doesn't care that I'm home - even though a moment before he was eagerly awaiting my arrival. He is often in the living room or the basement playroom being busy. Our daughter (SR, also called button) is usually riding in her father's arms as he gets dinner started. Button gives me a full body smile (that grin and wiggle that makes it all worth it). After removing my coat and shoes and washing my hands, I take the smiling wiggle monster and descend into snap's domain. He jabbers at me with his mind far out racing his speech and I try to get the gist of the current adventure. After a few minutes it's time to change out of work clothes and give button a snack before dinner.

Last evening button nursed a bit and then snap wanted his boob. Doppler (i.e., my husband) was cooking dinner, so I propped button up in the corner of the love seat and put snap on my lap. Button saw a great opportunity to grab. Grab and taste. That's her game. But the grab was for snap's hair. At first this was funny, but it interfered with snap's nursing when button tried to put pull the hair to her mouth! But sister love trumps anger and pain so snap merely got up to go get a hat. If only he was that patient with me.

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