Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wodless Wednesday - Baby and Black Raspberries

I love black raspberries! And so does my baby! We have a bunch of wild raspberries growing around the ourside of our yard, and each even we go pick a few cups of berries. They are extra special since we didn't plant them and don't have to care for them - bonus berries! Last evening I was picking berries with my daughter in a ring sling, and she was really interested so I gave her one. She loved it, but eating berries while strapped to mama was not a good idea so we moved to the high chair inside. She had a grand time!

1 comment:

  1. First, what cute photos and what a beautiful baby! Second, I remember a story my mother tells about my own berry eating as a baby . . . apparently, it made quite a mess on the other side, :-)

    Last, your comment about berry picking with your little one in the ring sling makes me ache to meet my little guy so that we two can go and do things together (we've got 6 more weeks til his due date, and I shouldn't complain since his big sis is a great companion and playmate for her mamma too).