Sunday, July 5, 2009

weaning party is over - so far so good

So, it's over. We're done. No more nursing.

Mama had to stay in the office for a few minutes after the last nursing session before I could go out with dry eyes.

He had a good time and felt special.

This evening we were a little sad.

I have tried not to nurse our daughter in front of him. I pumped after he went to bed.

He tested my resolve when we got home. But it turned out okay. He asked several more times but was okay with no boob. He cuddled at bedtime and said that he had a weaning party and now just gets to cuddle. We talked about how it was okay to be sad and that you can be more than one emotion at once - happy and sad. We told him to ask for cuddles and hugs if he is sad. We hope that tomorrow goes as well.

Last nursing session - party hats on and ready to go.
He didn't nurse for long - ran off to have fun!

weaning party boy and his trusty sidekick

Blowing out the candles on the cake he helped bake.
He put the candles on all by himself
(except for the one he put in upside down and mama corrected...)

my silly boys :)

eating cake

she was a good sport and even wore a hat
and chased balloons


  1. Here from Kellymom...tears in my eyes. I think my little guy is self-weaning now during my pregnancy. I have such mixed emotions. It's nice to see that it's normal :)


  2. Also here from KM.
    Congrats on such an amazing journey. I have tears in my eyes too.

  3. thanks ladies. i'm amazed how easy it has been. it's a little hard mentally, but he doesn't even ask any more. my little boy is so grown up!

  4. I teared a lot reading your post and the one before. I'm in the same position and am tempted (and encouraged) to wean my 3.5 year old son who has regressed to nursing almost 10x a night, probably for security. I'm so exhausted but feel sad about the idea. I don't think I'm ready to stop but sometimes I feel it is time.

  5. Weaning my son has definitely brought mixed emotions, but generally it was good. We were ready. To me, it was very important that he was excited to have the weaning party (even though he may now have grasped the full meaning).

    Good luck, Mephala, on your weaning journey. I hope that you find a path that is right for both of you. For me I knew it was time to make steps that direction when I found myself mentally sighing and saying "do I have to" for each nursing session.

    *hugs* to all you other mamas with weaning or weaned or to be weaned nurslings!