Thursday, June 18, 2009

slug catcher

This morning when I left for work my son was patrolling the driveway on his tricycle looking for slugs. I'm usually fond of bugs and creep crawlies, but I have a grudge against slugs. Maybe it's the damage they do to the garden? Maybe it's the Huge slugs we had at our first house in NJ 9 years ago? Shudder. Maybe it's the work/anniversary camping trip on Cheat Mountain when small slugs invaded our tent and everything else we brought. Yuck. Anyway, I just have a thing about slugs. But my son doesn't. He rides around looking for the slimy critters and pokes them with a stick until they slime up enough to stick to the stick and then he peddles over and bangs his stick on the block next to the driveway until they fall off behind the wall. Thank you D for removing the slugs! I appreciate it, I really do.

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