Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A friendly robin told me to walk. So I did. I walked and I listened and I felt.
I walked uphill and down. I walked over bridges and saw robins and squirrels. A young tenative squirrel.
I saw lovers and readers and walkers and resters.

And part way through my allotted time I looked at the clock and discovered that I had time to spare.
So I decided to sit for a bit.
Traffic, birds, squirrels, voices, wind in the trees.

It wasn't much. But body and mind say do it again. I will. Now one more loop in the woods before I go.
Hot spots on my heels indicate how unusual such excursions are (and maybe the need for new walking shoes).

I followed the words in my head and let it be about me. Not about home or work or others. Not about life or change or anything in particular. Just now. This moment. Compose words in my head. No direction. Just words. This was me time. Not theirs. Not life. Mine. Nowtime.

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