Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm sure that most people have down times in life. But for some of us those down times can be significant and require a little extra help to move beyond. And moving beyond requires an in depth review of cause and effect and analysis of what is within and what is outside of our control. More is usually within than expected. It's easy to blame anything and anyone else, and it's harder to accept that the problem and the power lie within. It's also darn hard to accept the fact that help is needed (sometimes chemical, sometimes emotional, sometimes spiritual, often all of those). It's hard to make changes when you're "barely getting by as it is". It's hard to get off your bum to do the hard work when you have no energy to do even the fun stuff. It's hard to move beyond fear and anger and panic and doubt and blah. And it's darn hard to say "I have a mental health problem and I need some help here!" Strong willed and don't want to pop a pill every morning? Especially at that price monetary price tag! Worried about what might go through milk to babies? Oh, and speaking or price tags, therapy, oh my goodness! But what about a happy healthy home. It's not instant. It's not easy. No miracles. But, climbing back out of a hole is good. It's much easier to sit at the bottom, but there is fun and love and life at the top. I am lucky to have friends and family who order me to put up my hand and hold on to theirs while the pull me back up. I've visited holes before, dug in bit by bit not realizing that I'm below the top soil and then struggling to find a way out. I will most likely visit holes again in my life, but for now I'll cling to the grass at the top.


  1. I'm pretty certain that so many of us understand, on some level, the "pit" that you describe. I find that I gain much perspective when I am "with" other folks and hear their stories and see/feel that I am not alone in what I am experiencing (especially the low points when one is most likely to feel very alone).

    Anyway, I have long found that a combination of therapies is helpful to staying sane and balanced for sake of the family . . . and you're right, it takes work to create a happy, healthy home, and yet, there are so many ways that a family finds its heart and happiness.

    I'm feeling good that you are taking time and giving energy to making yourself feel good. I notice that when mom and dad are happy at home, the rest of the family is thriving too.

  2. I hear you... I'm sitting at the bottom of that pit right now. So I hear you...

    Friends and family do help a lot - we need to reach out and for me too, that is difficult. A little pampering for yourself is great too. Mine is online retail therapy which tends to empty my Paypal account far too quickly. :)

    The work a mother does for her children far exceeds that of any other person. So is the work of a wife to keep her family together. I do wish it is more appreciated, within families and in society in general.

    Here's a hug from me across the globe...