Monday, March 9, 2009

today I am sad

Today I am sad. Mourning a loss. And hoping that the loss will result in greater gain for the other parties involved. I feel like a thread connecting me to another like minded soul was suddenly severed. It is not a decision that either of us would have chosen willingly I believe. But change must happen. I know that to hang on is selfish and that I must just hope that the new freedom will allow the other to develop more fully without expending energy in my direction. But I also am giving myself space to grieve. It is not often that I find kindred spirits in this world. But, sadly, we must each go our own way, and I can only hope that time and life will bring us back together in this life or another. Preferably this one. I hope that our spirits can continue to share a connection and gain strength from each other in times of need.


  1. i am sad today too. but you know that. i am sorry i messed things up for you and me. lots of hugs (and choc chips).

  2. I already finished the bag of chocolate chips (and am now dealing with the resulting tummy ache). You did not mess things up! It's life. Take time for yourself and your life. We both know that the other is still out there. I'm here. All the time. You are strong and refocusing is a good thing. It is spring. A time for new growth. A time for new things. But that does not mean that old things die. Plant a garden, figuratively or literally.