Sunday, March 29, 2009

a bit of sunshine

we've had a bit of sunshine this morning, and my husband and son are getting ready to go put up a new clothesline. Yipee. never thought i'd be excited about a clothesline, but after several years without a decent one, i'm very excited. we have a nice big clothes line here, but it was obviously put in about 20 years ago when the trees were small, because now it gets more pine sap and wild cherry tree droppings than sunshine. i'm sure that our son will be delighted at the hole digging and concrete mixing for putting in the new clothesline.

we have had a productive morning. our daughter rode on my back while i worked in the kitchen and got meatloaf ready to go in the oven for lunch. we are having friends over for dinner, so we've been trying to clean up the house, and it will be a big cooking day. the are vegetarian, so it's a good excuse for me to make a big pot of lentil soup and cornbread. yum. i really do love cooking and miss not getting to cook more.

we are still processing from the break in last week. last evening when my husband went shopping was the first time i had been here alone after dark since then. i had trouble going to sleep - i wasn't really scared, but a heightened alertness. i don't feel bad energy or like we're unsafe, but still it's unsettling. and we are trying to decide if this had a larger message for us. is this what we needed to make us realize that it's time to move on from this house? not because we're afraid of another break in, but because it is time? is this what we needed to push us to make a big leap? is that log house or passive solar home on the farm appearing on the horizon now? we don't know the answers yet, but we have both been thinking hard lately.

we have two hold ups on going ahead with our dream of building on the farm. well, maybe 3 or 4.
1) lots of driving for me. we would only do it if i could work from home most of the time, but that's still driving ~1:15 each way twice a week.
2) people, personalities, space. is there room on the farm for all of us. 6 strong personalities on one piece of land? would it work?
3) money. what if this job doesn't work out long term. there are so few jobs near there. we would need decent income to pay for house we want to build
4) hmmmm....can't remember any other issues right now, but i'm Sure there must be some... ;) can you tell i'm biased today? it doesn't help that Sun Plans emailed me last week with new floor plans. There is one that we both like and is large enough we could have a big family (ummmm, or not...) or have friends come to stay.

so, i think we've narrowed it down to: build now, build later, build not at all. build log, build passive solar. build farm house. as you can see, we've almost got it all figured out. ;) maybe we'll just pull in a double wide.

(that's it. don't you see a house where that field of pines is on the hill across from the barn?)

we both wish that we were far enough along on our spiritual learning to ask for hep from our guides, but my attempts at communication have not gotten very far. maybe the time we are spending dreaming should be spent learning to get guidance?

on a different subject - a parenting area that i'm completely lost on earth do you help a spirited 3-year old learn to share? it is so hard to have play dates at our house because our son gets very bent out of shape when another child wants to use his toys. we talk to him about it, but he has very definite ideas about what visitors into his domain should do. we put away his favorite things, but we can't put Everything out of sight. hopefully it will be warm enough this afternoon that the boys can play outside. but if anyone has suggestions or ideas i'd love to hear from you!

my husband just walked past the office window on the way to the garage and returning wearing his yellow hard hat. he indicated that our son (also wearing a hard hat) had required him to go get his hard hat for the construction work. safety first. and as you can see, the three year old likes to be in charge of even the adults. maybe we should refer to him for all life decisions.

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