Friday, March 13, 2009

need for change

(three generations of hands)

my body doesn't like office work. not one bit. i have been having a lot pain in the index finger of my right hand, and it dawned on me yesterday that it was from my mouse. a year or so ago i got a good mouse so that my wrist wouldn't hurt. but now it's my finger. maybe i'm just not meant to sit at a computer all day? i have chronic back problems and so i have tried to avoid sitting and office jobs, but 2.5 years ago i came here and have been sitting every since. with the return to work from maternity leave (i was not working full time for ~6 months), i have really noticed my body getting painful again. i felt great when i wasn't working full time. maybe it's a sign that i need to seriously consider getting off my ball and into a job that's not just sitting and computer work. if only i could figure out how. but probably i'll just have to go lefty mouse for a while.

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