Saturday, March 28, 2009

tired, teething, testing

I worked on this post through two baby naps, one unsuccessful nap attempt, and now that the kids are finally asleep maybe I can finally get it done!

Our daughter seems to be working on her first tooth, and boy is she grumpy about it. Crying, fussing, gum grinding grumpy. I didn't make it to the bedroom until 12:30 last night because my husband and I stayed up talking about life, and when I tried to go to bed our daughter woke up. 3.5 hours later I finally got to sleep. 4 hours after that we were all up for the day. So, I'm somewhat incoherent today. I finally gave the squeaker Tylenol at 3am. Then she got to talking and gave herself the hiccups, and that added insult to injury. I finally called in some animal help, and she went into lala land for a few hours. Amazingly the ruckus didn't seem to wake my husband and son sleeping next door.

In other news, since our daughter is 7 months old and loves to eat kleenex we thought maybe she was ready for something with a higher nutritional content. We gave her a large piece of steamed organic broccoli today. She was much more interested in kleenex. Maybe teething is not the best time to have an open minded baby, but I had already bought the broccoli so we thought we'd give it a try. She seemed rather put off by the different feel/texture of steamed broccoli. Really wasn't the least bit interested in eat it and preferred to check out a cup. Oh well. I ate the broccoli (with curried chicken in coconut milk over basmati rice...yum) and she ate the cup.

(my mom's a broccoli pusher)

Our son has also been having a difficult couple of days. Luckily his teeth are all in, but something seems to be going on with him. We're hoping that brain development is taking over his head and not leaving much energy for being reasonable, because he has not been one bit reasonable. How can something be both too big and too small within 1/4 second of each other? Too hot And too cold? Everything is wrong. The world is wrong. Mommy and daddy are most definitely wrong. And he's pretty bent out of shape over it. Last evening I came home to two crying children and a frazzled husband. Luckily I came bearing ice cream and a case of Guinness. I try hard to avoid tandem nursing my children at the same time since it makes me want to scream and run away, so the one who screams the loudest or is least consolable (usually the elder child) gets first dibs. So I sit in the middle of the kitchen floor nursing an irrational 3-year old who tried to interact with the not-very happy 7 month old with his feet while nursing. Somehow I never imagined motherhood like this. No running to hug me and say "I love you mommy! It's good to have you home!". Nope. Just "I want Boob! I want BOOB!". Sometimes I insist on politeness and asking nicely, but this was not the time for that.

So, after I had fulfilled me role as milk bar (and belly button toy), we had to address the issue of dinner. We had planned on chicken, but obviously my husband had not had much of a chance to get dinner going with these two on his hands. I don't mind cooking on Fridays since I get the weekend with the kids, and I'm generally faster at cooking since my comfort level is greater in the kitchen. Plus, cooking is easier that kid wrangler sometimes ;-) . So I pulled off that chicken curry pretty quickly (good I think considering we had to deal with near calamity in the 3-year old's world for much of the time. more holding of both children, and more nursing was required. oh, by the way, I don't think he's ready to wean.). I left some chicken pieces plain since I didn't figure our son was in a mood to be open minded. I gave him a bowl of rice and curry, but it was of course the wrong bowl. Switch to bowl like mama's. No go. Offer plain chicken. No go. Sit at table and cry and pout. I finally offered to let him sit on my lap if he would please be quiet. I did have to keep reminding that if he cried/whined I would put him down. So much for the rule of not sitting on mommy during meals. But evidently it was what he needed, because part way through the meal he slithered off my lap under the table and reappeared at his place and proceeded to eat all his dinner, broccoli, curry, and all. Wow. Following my gut feeling that he really did need me more than usual was a good thing to do. I wish I could do it more often, but it's hard when I only have a few hours at home each day when the kids are awake, and 75% of the time either I'm trying to get ready for work, we're eating, or we're getting kids ready for bed. I feel so bad that I can't give me children more of the emotional support that they need from me. My husband does a wonderful job, but he responds differently to their emotionalness, and they respond differently to him. It makes me ache that I don't have more time for them, but I have to try to focus on the fact that at least one of us can be home.

Today was a little better. The kids nursed a lot and needed a lot of attention, but that's okay. We had some good times and avoided major meltdowns (although life was still hard for the tot).

(he really can smile sweetly)

Well, I had planned to write more and make this post have a meaning, but I'm too exhausted now so I'm going to call it quits. I'm giving tylenol at the next waking tonight!

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