Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a journey ahead

(~10 years ago)

My husband and I have started a journey. We are trying to recognize that it may be a long journey and that we need to enjoy the process, not just long for the destination (which is currently hidden from sight). As impatient, spirited, practical, engineering types, this "enjoying the journey" is going to be a big step for us. The first step is to uncover the path. I'm afraid that in the last few years we have neglected trail maintenance, and the true path meant for us has become rather obscured. For various reasons, including adjusting to parenting our spirited children and supporting our family, we have not always been true to ourselves and have often followed a cushiest path of least resistance. But we are now considering leaving the paved road (well, I guess maybe we left mainstream a long time ago considering that we are a homebirthing, clothing diapering, babywearing, tandem nursing family - so maybe now we're talking of leaving the gravel road for the muddy trail).

So, how do you find yourself when you're 30+, have two small children, and are either working full time (me) or home all day with said children (my husband). We are not sure of the answer to this, but recently we have been introduced to the spiritual practice of shamanism, and we both feel that this has much to offer us. So, yesterday I ordered several books and CDs in the hopes that we can continue where our teacher left when she had to go on an unexpected sabbatical.

In embracing our spiritual side my husband and I are also finding ourselves closer to each other. We have opened channels of communication that we have neglected and have found peace in talking for long hours (even if that means less sleep than we are already getting). A few nights ago our son spent the night with my parents (for the 3rd time ever) and we stayed up late talking. And then, listen to this ladies and gents, my husband went off to clean the bathroom at 11 o'clock at night. What on earth has gotten into him. ;) Evidently our journey will have clean pit stops.

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