Saturday, May 23, 2009

time for pictures

Everyone else in the house is asleep. I should probably be napping since nights have been so rough lately, but I am enjoying a little time to myself instead. It is a hot sunny day and I took a laundry basket of clean diapers out the picnic table to photograph so that I can sell them. Funny thing is, I enjoy taking pictures of diapers. How sad is that - my cloth diaper obsession has progressed to the point where I think they are great photography subjects. I guess it could be worse.

So, I photographed the diapers and then went around the yard and garden taking pictures of flowers and vegetable plants. This is one of the first times since we got our new camera that I have had a chance to take flower pictures, and it was fun. I still get a lot of not-so-great photos, but I think a few turned out very nice. And I even took the camera off auto focus!

I had planned to go back out and weed in the garden for a while, but it's in the 80s and I am a whimp and don't feel like going back out. Last evening I got about 10 feet of one pea row weeded with my daughter in the APLX on my back. Only about 100 feet left to go....of peas....

Oh, and I saw some pea flowers!!! Exciting. Peas are my favorite. They seldom make it in from the garden to be cooked because I sit in the pea row and eat them all.

The potatoes are growing nicely (compare to the planting scene...).

And much of the brocoli has already bolted.

Only one batch of my broccoli is forming propper nice heads this year. Not sure what happened there.
Romain lettuce is lovely. We used one head for salad last night. Steak salad for dinner. Yummm. We eat a lot of salads in the summer.

Some spinach is ready, but it's not doing great this year...need more nitrogen??

Onions look happy.
Carrots are growing and the second batch of beans is up.

And it sounds like the rest of my family is moving, so I'll leave you with a pretty peony.

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