Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mommy Brain

Maybe I’ve mentioned this before – I’m too brainless to remember – but when I was little I used to tell my mother that she gave her brains to me. Not the nicest thing to say to your wonderful mother! My mom is a very intelligent person, but she was always doing silly little things that didn’t make sense to me, and it seemed to me that sometimes she had a few marbles mixed up.

Well, evidently the brain has now been passed on to my children. Or at least I certainly how that’s where it has gone! Because I am most definitely not worthy of the diplomas on my wall (not that the diplomas actually made it up onto the wall). Nope, I can’t even do basic daily tasks these days without making some pretty crazy flubs. Like last evening – after the kids were in bed my husband and I were sitting on the love seat in the office and I realized that my tshirt was on backwards. And it wasn’t one of those tagless dealies they have now, but a shirt with a big scratchy tag. I went to scratch my itchy neck and found a tag. The sad part is that first I wondered why there was a tag in the front of my shirt, not why my shirt was on backwards. I did finally determine that it was user error and not manufacturer error, but that doesn’t remove the fact that I had worn the shirt backwards for 4+ hours without noticing. Oh, and then a friend called to chat while I was washing breatpump parts, and I promptly hung up on her. Not a good day for proving my abilities and intelligence to anyone. Hopefully I made a better impression at my interview last week!

Is this Mommy Brain just lack of sleep? Or the result of increased multitasking? Or did I truly pass the brains on to my kids? Will I ever “have it all together” again? Who knows. For now I think I’d better just put my energy toward functioning at the highest level I can manage and worry about the longer term when it get here. Because I have Not mastered the art of appearing intelligent, organized, and productive at this stage of my life. Maybe if I gave in to the black tea it would help? Maybe not.

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