Friday, April 10, 2009

neat and tidy

I like things tidy. I don't think I'm a complete neat freak anymore (but ask my husband, he may think differently), but clutter gets to me and I like the house to be relatively clean underneath the clutter. We've been having some trouble keeping up with things since I work full time and we have two small spirited children. So - and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this because it seems like somehow I've failed in my domestic duties - we have hired someone to help with the house cleaning. She same today for the second week, and I'm excited to go home and see the clean house. Last week made such a difference to me. Not only was there no longer a thick layer of dust on my alarm clock, but I was able to relax more this week. I wasn't constantly seeing things and feeling like they were hanging over me. Oh, the window sill is dirty, mentally put that one the list of things to do eventually. The bathroom sink is cruddy - gosh, when will it get cleaned. Etc. Not that I was more of a slob this week, but I didn't feel like the housework was hanging over us and ruining my enjoyment of my time at home. I never imagined that having someone come in to clean would have this effect. I imagined a cleaner house, but I didn't imagine the relief knowing that not only was my house cleaner now, but she is Coming Back, and I don't have to wonder how and when the next batch of cleaning will get done. Wow, great feeling. Now we can focus of energy (or lack there of) on the things that only we can do. Nice.

And last weekend my husband hung up a diaper cabinet above the changing table. Maybe my diaper arrangement isn't quite up to the standards of some who are particularly good at folding, but I thought the colors were pretty. Too bad they are just for pretty now that we've switched to fitteds and wool. :)


  1. Ha! This is terrific. Truly! I didn't know diaper covers could look artistic! I'm seriously contemplating switching BACK to cloth diapers now that my son is well past the blow out phase. We did cloth for several months, then cried "uncle!" and I've been (guiltily) using disposables ever since. Any tips for cloth diapering a toddler?

  2. Goodness I'm late on getting back to this...but anyway....I highly recommend cloth! We also tried cloth with our first and didn't make it very long. When I went back to work after maternity leave my husband switched to disposable with our son. With our daughter we tried again and all love it. We have actually found cloth much better at containing poo than disposables.

    As for switching a toddler to cloth - we didn't have much luck in that department with our spirited toddler, but we can occasionally get him in a pocket diaper or cloth pull up. I think if we tried harder we could convert him, but we're hoping for the potty instead. I recommend exciting colors or prints for the toddler - gotta get them interested.