Thursday, April 23, 2009

good food

today i have time to write a post but don't know what to say. most days i have posts in my head but no time to write. today i'm all written out after a very busy week of work related technical writing. all week i've had to pay attention to formatting and caps and punctuation, so i'm going to ignore all that now. ah....

so, last evening my husband fixed stir fry from scratch. with fresh veggies. with no recipe.! wow. oh, and he made jasmine brown rice (yes, brown) to go with it. this is coming from the frozen pizza and white rice guy. :) no offense to pizza and white rice lovers (and i think they are yummy, too), but i'm just using that as an example to show how far he's come. when i met this man he lived primarily on pizza and chef boyardee (and i had to look up how to spell that since i'm not a chef boyardee fan) mini ravioli. oh, and sunkist orange drink. so, you can see that he's come a long way! early in our marriage when i had time to cook and bake and can and freeze i made all sorts of creating things - some better than others. and my husband ate a great variety of new things. kids came along and i had no time to cook. dairy allergies came along and i haven't eaten dairy in over 3 years for the kids. and we discovered that my husband can't have msg (under any of it's many names) or artificial sweeteners. between all those we're pretty hard to feed and cook for. and my husband had to learn to cook in the middle of all that. but, he has done a splendid job and provides us with homecooked nutritious meals most days of the week i'm really proud of him. oh, and he cleans up afterward. extra points.

so last evening we had this lovely dinner which my son refused to eat (no big surprise). finally after some discussion (read screaming 3-year old) we made my son a burrito - he'll eat nearly anything wrapped in a whole wheat burrito shell, so his staple is beans, corn, and salsa burrito when he won't eat what we're having for dinner. and he wanted broccoli with his burrito. yes, broccoli. he loves broccoli. we didn't any more broccoli, so we settled for a raw carrot - a whole one. he bought it from me for $2. that kid would nearly live on vegetables some days if we would let him. we have to limit the carrots or he'd eat only carrots some meals. and then he comes up to me sweetly after dinner and asks for "two spoonfuls i cream. please. two spoonful?" how can i refuse. so we both eat vanilla coconut milk "ice cream" from the container, sharing one spoon. we do indulge.

but my point is that i'm very proud of my family for eating well even when it's not easy. thank you family for participating in mama's crazy ideas of good food.

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