Sunday, February 7, 2010


I hope that my last post didn't sound too dismal. Well, probably it did. This morning I want to add that in many areas of my life I am very happy. I have a wonderful husband, two lovely children, and a very rich life in general. It's just that some potions of my life are not so wonderful and need lots of work. I have internal work to do which I am struggling to understand. I am beginning to grasp what I have the power to do and how I can change those portions of my life. Knowing That I have the power to make change is good.

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  1. I think parenthood and just getting older is a challenge to identity. I relate very much to the idea of something buried deep inside that is a mystery, of trying to find the authentic self, of knowing that somehow you are not living in line with your core needs, but not knowing how to figure out those core needs, or if you do know, how to meet those needs without compromising all the other lives you are responsible for...